Leveraging Diversity for Inclusion

Leveraging the power of diversity remains one of the greatest opportunities and challenges for organizations in the twenty-first century. Originally a response to governmental and legal requirements, the practice of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) has progressed from valuing differences to leveraging them as a strategic advantage. Today, the emphasis is on cornering new markets, building effective teams and managing brand reputation through a diverse and engaged workforce. D&I is now seen as a strategic imperative that must be addressed if any organization is to thrive in a changing world. Thankfully, we now have a multitude of real life examples and best practices to guide the way. Here are the top 10 most effective ways to embed a D&I program into your organization:

  1. Lead from the top: Having the direct support/involvement of the CEO or Institution President
  2. Make Diversity a core value
  3. Focus on D&I across the entire talent pipeline – not just one level
  4. Generate direct communication about D&I throughout the organization via both formal & informal mediums
  5. Set clear diversity targets & goals
  6. Establish metrics & track progress – annually
  7. Incorporate diversity objectives into the performance appraisal & compensation processes
  8. Provide ongoing D&I training and development to all employees across all levels on a regular basis
  9. Cast a wide recruiting net by partnering with affinity groups
  10. Use employee networking groups to support external outreach