How to stay current in a rapidly changing world.

Today, information has a short shelf life and new technological and scientific advancements are making their debut every week. So how do you stay current in your industry or profession? Here are some excellent resources that can help!

Professional Associations offer continuing education, publications, and news bulletins to keep members up to date on regulatory and governmental changes that impact their profession. They charge an annual fee for access to these resources but are worth it because of the timely access to new and emerging information.

Soundview Executive Book Summaries includes not only summaries of new books (print, online and MP3 versions) but also a monthly newsletter, author webinars and access to their archives all for about $99/year, or the equivalent of 3-4 hardback books.

Coursera offers 300+ free online courses all taught by professors at 62 of the world’s top schools, including Yale and Stanford.

Competitors’ websites give you insight into what the competition is saying and doing. They are a great source for new products and services!

Online news magazines and blogs offer timely information and perspectives and are usually free!

Webinars, Ted Talks and YouTube offer content for a time sensitive audience on an unbelievable number of topics.