Happy Clients = $$$$

Existing clients are usually a businessperson’s bread and butter when it comes to generating revenue. A satisfied client will come back time and again and is usually willing to refer your company to others. A happy and delighted client will go much further. They will not only recommend your company but they will proactively tell their network how much they value your product or service. Consider for a moment what you would have to spend in advertising to equal this effort – a lot! So you can see why your goal should be to delight clients not just satisfy them. The key to this is in how easy you make it for clients to do business with you.  Take this short assessment to see how closely you match companies that excel at client service:

  • Do you act as if you are a partner in their business where their success is your success?
  • Do you understand your clients’ business model? Do you know how your product or service makes their business successful?
  • Do you try to continuously improve on what’s most important to your client?
  • Do your employees know and address your client by name?
  • Do you show your appreciation for their business in a way that is meaningful to the client? (i.e., donation to their favorite charity, flowers to acknowledge a referral, Birthday cards, special training for their employees)
  • Do you keep abreast of industry or regulatory changes that might impact your client?
  • Do you make accommodation for unforeseen events and emergencies or provide web access 24/7?

Next time we will examine the very unique and critical role that your employees play in delighting your clients.

Note: This article is also published on the Kitsap Economic Development Site.